My battery is dead how long will it take for the Case to charge it to 100 percent?

1.5 hrs


How long does it take to charge the Case?

1.5 hrs


How many lifetime charges does the Case have?

500 cycles on average



Does it come in any other color?

Comes in black & white. We are not offering additional colors at the present time.


Is a car charger available for the Case and the Snap?

You can charge either of these Cases through your Car cigarette lighter with the Micro cable we provide, consumer just needs to purchase a car charger that has USB ports which is common in car chargers today and readily available.  Any car micro USB charger should work.




Offers two hours of viewing time. Can it be plugged in to a wall outlet while projecting to increase this time?



Will it overheat?

This model does not overheat


How long does it take to charge completely?

3.5 hrs


Can it only be charged via mini USB or does it have a wall charger as well?

Both and Yes it comes with AC Adaptor & Mini USB Cable


How long does it hold a charge without being in use?



The video said I can use the Sight with any device “with the proper attachments”. Would my Apple charging cord for my ipod,  ipad, and iphone work with the projector?

No. The unit has 4 ports, a USB Port, and HDMI Port for Video only, an Audio port & 12V charging port, and a HDMI Cable & AC Charger. You can purchase simple cable attachments from any dealer who carries apple approved accessories.


Can I charge the projector using this cord as well via computer and through a wall outlet?

Only by using the provided wall charger & cable


How good/bright is the picture quality during the daylight? In a room with indirect sunlight would I still be able to see the screen or does the room always need to be dim/dark?

This unit is 85 Lumens so its performance is best viewed in a dark or dimly lit room, however you can see it in a ambient lighted room.


Does the Sight work with the Amp?

Yes, works wirelessly with the Amp via Bluetooth or by using the wired plug-in that’s provided.


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Can I use my phone while the Stick is plugged in to it?



My phone is dead, can the stick completely charge my iphone to 100 percent?

1.5 hrs, however, once you have enough charge to turn the phone on from dead, you are able to use the phone while the case is in charge mode.


My ipad is completely dead, can it charge the ipad to 100 percent and how long does this process take?

No, the iPad has a 6944 mAh  battery which is much higher capacity battery than  our 2000 mAh battery in our  Stick charger. It will charge up roughly 1/3rd of an iPad battery


My ipod is completely dead, can it charge the ipod to 100 percent and how long does this process take?

Yes, 1.5 hrs to full. The iPod has a 1000 mAh battery, the Stick provides a 2000 mAh battery,


Will the Stick charge my laptop?

Yes but it will not fill it up, only will provide a minimal supplementary charge as all Laptops have different sized batteries and all are much larger than our 2000 mAh battery found in the Stick.


How long does it take for the Stick to charge?

1.5 hrs


How long does it hold a charge?

For months


How many charges is it capable of in its lifetime before it starts to die?

500 cycles is the average of Lithium batteries


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What makes the Snap different from the Case?

It has a smaller battery (1400 mAh), has a snap on rim and is designed to be as thin a possible for the discretionary consumer who doesn’t want to appear to have a battery case


Does it charge my phone as well as the Case?

Yes charges both devices when recharging.


It looks smaller than the Case is it just as powerful?

The Snap has a smaller battery, 1400 mAh. The iPower Case is 1700 mAh.


How long does it take to charge the Snap?

1.10 hrs


My battery is at 0 percent, how long will it take for the Snap to charge it to 100 percent?

1 hr.


How many lifetime charges does the Snap have?

500 cycles is the average of Lithium batteries


Are there any lights or indicators on the Snap that tell me its charging my phone?

Yes, 4 blue LEDS on the front when you push the on/off button


Do the lights indicate how much life is left in the Snap before I need to charge it?

Yes in increments of 25%


Does the Snap protect my phone as well as the Case?

No as its much thinner than the Case, The ipower Case is designed to be highly protective. The Snap does encompass the phone so it does offer protection.


Do you recommend the Snap over the Case?

Depends on the consumer’s desires, if he wants more power due to medium - high daily usage and needs higher protection, then the iPower Case this is right choice. If the consumer is a mild user and desires a thinner look then the Snap is the right choice.


Does it come in any other color?

Comes in black & white. We are not offering additional colors at the present time


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Do I need to charge the phone and the case separately?

Nope! Charge the iPower device with the iPhone inserted and it will charge both devices. In this operation, the power source will charge your iPhone first until full, then will charge the iPower case. LED light indicators light up progressively when iPower is charging. When all lights are illuminated (no-flickering) both devices are fully charged. Connect using USB cable that came with all iPower products. All products can be plugged in to your computer or any “Made for iPhone” wall plug power source.


How many charge cycles do I get with iPower cases?

On average iPower cases are rechargeable for over 500 cycles.


Will I always double the battery life with iPower cases?

Each iPower case has a built-in backup battery, however we cannot guarantee you will double the battery life. The amount of additional power depends on a variety of factors that are different for every user and their phone usage habits.


How and when should I use the on/off switch?

To turn on the iPower cases, press the button and the iPhone will make an audible sound that you’re charging. To turn off, hold down the On/Off button 3 seconds and release. To ensure you’re not still charging check your iPhone battery, it should not show a charging icon.

Performing this feature will allow your iPower case to provide full backup power when needed.

For best results, charge your iPhone in your iPower case nightly, and only activate your iPower case when your iPhone’s battery power is at the halfway point.


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Will the case affect my camera use?

The iPower cases have end caps to encase and protect the phone, but they do have camera openings that allow shooting directly from the iPower Case! When the flash is in use, depending on certain light circumstances, the end cap may cause a slight shadow. When using flash on the camera, for best results, remove just the top cap of the iPower case.


Can I use any iPower product on the iPower Induction cradle?

No, the only case designed to charge with the induction cradle is the iPower Induction Case. If you are looking for induction charging, you only need to buy the iPower Induction Case. If you only want the portable charging case, then you’ll want the iPower Case.


What is your refund policy?

Our resellers typically offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Read our warranty policy for additional information


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What are the requirements for returning or exchanging?

All returned or exchanged items must be in new condition, in their original box, and must include all packing material, manuals, documentation, and accessories. The value of any missing items will be deducted from the credit amount of a return. For exchanges, we will exchange only what the customer returns.


  • Faulty items may be repaired or exchanged at our discretion for the equivalent model.
  • Any merchandise missing the original Universal Product Code (UPC) cannot be returned.


NOTE: iPowerUp recommends that you use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns and either insure your package for safe return to iPowerUp or declare the full value of the shipment so that you are completely protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. If you choose not to use a carrier that offers tracking or insure or declare the full value of the product, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during shipping.


Is my iPowerUp Product covered under warranty?

If you discover what you believe is a product defect for any iPowerUp branded product, please let us know.  If your product does have a defect, your product is covered under the terms of your product’s warranty. Please refer to the warranty information and other supporting documentation that came with your product. (See the Product Warranty section  for specific information about iPowerUp product warranties.)


When will you have iPower Cases for the Android market?

We are working on a new design as we speak! Check back on our website, Facebook and Twitter for details on our Android products!


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